I am a performance artist and painter, researcher and writer.  In my performances, I use painting, drawing, video, sound, music, rituals, actions, theatrics, satire, sincerity, and language.  I create layered spaces that confuse and delight the audience with things that are familiar and childlike, while I lure them closer to whisper dark secrets into their ears.  I believe you can speak to the darkest, deepest longings of the soul by creating a safe, funny, colorful place and let the audience join you up close. When they are petting baby bunnies, or watching me bob for apples, or observing me draw a video of a tree on fire, or seeing a video of me birthing a stillborn stuffed animal tiger, the audience can take these images in and sit with them, reflect on them, and have empathy and compassion.  I believe that good art gives the viewer space to observe the idea or truth or paradox that the artist has selected and contemplate it in a new and challenging way.  My strategies are humor, satire, play, spectacle, and the interaction of the real body and person.  I want my audience to reconsider something they think they know during an experience that I know that they have never had before. 

Amy E. Day

MFA The School of the Art Institute of Chicago 2008